So Happy

After prayer, I feel so happy! The connection in the Spirit was true to me, and the message was true to my heart. I thank my Heavenly Father for revealing this truth in the unity we had together in the prayer time. I will continue to bless this ministry. -Manya B

My Headache Is Gone

The headache I had before I came in for prayer has left me! I came in so that God may give me peace of mind. I feel very uplifted and I know he loves me and sees me as a precious child. Thank you for your encouraging prayers. -Daniel R

My Pain Is Gone

I feel so much peace and they prayed for my pain right now it is all gone. I thank God because I came in overwhelmed and I am leaving feeling peaceful, joy, and a conqueror over the enemy’s attacks. Thank you Lord and thank God for these prayer warriors. I really needed them. -Helen B

I Felt Renewed

I had a fever, I felt weak, confused, mad, and wanting vengeance. I was desperate, possess with resentment, bitter, and very sad. I felt impotent, helpless, lost, and anxiety. I was demoralized. I had a headache and was feeling down. By having prayer I felt renewed and completely different, drunk in the Holy Spirit. I …

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