I am a new creation

I am a new creation.

There is no sin in me.

I cannot sin.

My body is unable to sin.

I am perfect in all my ways.

In me is no sin.


Thoughts may come that are not godly but I cannot do them.

I am unable to do them,

no matter how hard I try to listen to them.

Feelings might come that are not godly 

but I cannot feel them because I cannot.

I do not understand or know how to sin or think evil.


I cannot get my feelings hurt.

I do not understand how to do this.

I cannot get mad at people when they are mean to me.

I do not understand how to get mad.  

I feel only the love of God in me.

I feel only Jesus with me when I pray.

I only feel the POWER of the HOLY GHOST pouring in

and around me when I pray.

I am full of love.

I am a perfect child of God and 

He is well pleased with me.


Written by the inspiration of the Holy Ghost