Elijah House

Our Mission:

Elijah House is an inner healing ministry that equips and empowers individual hearts to be healed and changed. Truly, fully, and completely. We facilitate inner healing via prophetic prayer ministry and pastoral counseling to people all over the world.

Equipping the Healers:

Are you called to inner healing prayer ministry? Elijah House imparts principles of transformation and restoration through conferences, seminars, training events, schools, and internships. Schools of inner healing ministry training are also offered to equip the Church in conducting effective healing prayer ministry.

Proclaiming Freedom:

Elijah House authors have written many books and articles focusing on inner healing, the prophetic, and healing the earth. Elijah House teachers and prayer ministers have also recorded numerous topic-specific lessons in audio and video formats for the building up of the saints and the church of Jesus Christ at large.

Serving Through Prayer:

Elijah House prayer ministry looks specifically for the root causes that lead to broken relationships, habitual sin, and many other destructive life issues. Every year, many individuals and families come to Elijah House staff and international ministries to receive inner healing prayer ministry.


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Congratulations to our Elijah House 2022 graduates!

For all their hard work and steadfastness, we come together to celebrate 12 of our 2022 graduates from our Elijah House School of Ministry 201 class! Thank you Lord for this class and these precious students!

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