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Amazing Experience

This was an amazing experience and got confirmations from my prayer warriors…. Jesus was definitely present in the meeting! Thank you. -Mike S.

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So Happy

After prayer, I feel so happy! The connection in the Spirit was true to me, and the message was true to my heart. I thank my Heavenly Father for revealing

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So Glad Some Invited Me

Well, I was invited by a fellow church member. I came so they could pray for my body. I have been suffering from pain in my body, especially in my

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My Headache Is Gone

The headache I had before I came in for prayer has left me! I came in so that God may give me peace of mind. I feel very uplifted and

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My Burden Was Lifted

I feel like a burden was lifted. They reminded me of the importance of the consistent study of the word. They helped me to remember that no matter how many

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I Could Feel a Release

I came to the Healing Rooms tonight to receive prayer for healing and deliverance. As the prayer team ministered to me I could feel a release and impartation of peace.

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My Pain Is Gone

I feel so much peace and they prayed for my pain right now it is all gone. I thank God because I came in overwhelmed and I am leaving feeling

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I Felt Renewed

I had a fever, I felt weak, confused, mad, and wanting vengeance. I was desperate, possess with resentment, bitter, and very sad. I felt impotent, helpless, lost, and anxiety. I

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