“I am a Man of God”

I was introduced to the Healing Rooms by my sister. I came cause I wanted prayer for my heart condition I got within the last year. I have had three heart attacks. I was struggling with depression and fighting really bad drug addiction and on top of that, I was gay. I recently started going to church and have learned so much and feel that I can become a man of God. That was the reason for my visit; to pray for my heart, to get a better knowledge of his word and to bring my family closer to God. With the Healing Rooms, I was told, “I am a man of God.” I was reborn again. The anointing I felt I know my spirit will gain knowledge of my Heavenly Father’s word and I have no worries cause the Lord is always with my family. It’s amazing to know how much hope one can gain at the Healing Rooms. I thank you in the name of Jesus. 

-Frankie T

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