My marriage was falling apart

My marriage was falling apart. My husband said he no longer loved me. He said I had pushed him away to the arms of someone else. His feelings had changed and he no longer felt the love he had always felt for me. We have been together for 16 years and married for 10 years. I was heartbroken. I also felt that I didn’t love him. I prayed to the Lord and left it all in his hands. I have God total control of the situation and prayed every day, every time I could. I asked God for the restoration of our marriage and of our hearts. Every time I tried talking to my husband he would not hold a conversation with me. I kept praying and had faith that one day, he would love me again. Three days ago he called me and told me he loved me, he said he could not get me off of his mind and to please forgive him. I never felt a love for him like the one I feel now. We are going to work on our marriage and put God in the middle. We are putting ourselves and our family in His hands. God is awesome. I will always praise Him. 

-Veronica B

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