Courts of Heaven Steps


Father I boldly come before Your heavenly throne, standing as an overcomer with the blood of Your Son Jesus and the word of Your Testimony over my book of life. Father, I have a purpose on earth in the books of heaven. If the plans of the enemy are not addressed, then my purpose will not be fulfilled. I am coming before Your heavenly throne on Your Word covered in Your Son’s Blood.

I confess before Heaven and Earth that I forgive EVERYONE who has ever sinned against me. I apply the Blood of Jesus over their sins and call them forgiven. I set them all free and on the day of judgement I will hold no accusation against anyone. I release every one of them.

The accusation of the accuser is my unbelief and hidden sins that have corrupted my belief system. I am asking that my voice be heard and silence everything unholy and not of God that is keeping me from breakthrough.

Lord, I repent for making war against my book of life. Lord, I repent for denying the blood of Your Son Jesus. Lord, I repent for denying Your Word.
Lord, I repent for resisting the Holy Spirit.

Lord, I repent for putting other gods before my Heavenly Father.
Lord, I repent for denying the resurrection power that raised Your Son Jesus.

Lord, I repent for coming into agreement with everything that is unholy and not of God.

Lord, I repent for all generational trading of my book of life and renounce any gain from it.

Lord, I repent for making time a god and bowing to it.
Lord, I repent for eating from the tree of Knowledge of good and evil.

Lord, I repent for putting myself in the Great Judgement Seat and trying to be judge over the Children of God.

Lord, I repent for everyone in my generational blood line where sin and transgression was found in their hearts toward You Father.

Lord, I repent for denying that Your Son Jesus is ALIVE.

Lord, I repent for making ungodly covenants, being a covenant breaker and rejecting covenants made with You.


Lord, I bind up everything unholy and not of God that is in me or over me that has just lost its legal ground. I bind you up and I command you to go to the feet of Jesus for judgment. I curse the seeds and roots of everything that has just lost its legal ground and command them to die in Jesus Name.


I prophesy before heaven and earth that the Blood of Jesus justifies me.

I prophesy that everything in my book of life is fulfilled.

I prophesy my purpose and destiny is fulfilled.

I prophesy every sealed book in heaven over my life is opened.

I prophesy every book of my life is found.

I prophesy every traded book of my life is undone over my generational blood line.

I prophesy that the eyes of my understanding are open to Truth, and I walk in Truth.

I prophesy that goodness and mercy do follow me all the days of my life.
I prophesy that I live and shall not die.
I prophesy that the Will of the Father in my life is done on earth as it is in heaven. I prophesy that everything that is purchased for me on the cross is fulfilled.
I prophesy that everything the locust has stolen is redeemed.
I prophesy that I am victorious through Jesus Christ.
I prophesy that no weapon formed against me is prospering.
I prophesy that the gates of hell are not prevailing against me.
I prophesy the defeat of everything that is unholy and not of God in my life.
I prophesy that my heart is held in the right hand of the Father.
I prophesy that everything the canker worm has eaten is being restored.

I prophesy that all time is reset back into proper order in my life.

I prophesy every tongue that rises against me in judgement the Lord is condemning.

I prophesy every God ordained Covenant is restored and healed.


Lord, I take Your Healing Holy Anointing Oil from Heaven and apply it over my spirit, soul, and flesh. I believe and receive my complete healing.


I speak a blessing in every area of my life where a curse has just been broken. I reverse every curse over my Book of Life and speak a blessing into my Book of Life.

Father’s Blessing:

Your Heavenly Father is kneeling before you presenting gifts and is guarding you with a hedge of protection.

Your Heavenly Father is illuminating the wholeness of His being toward you, bringing order and He is giving you comfort and sustenance.

Your Heavenly Father is lifting up His wholeness of being and looking upon you and He is setting in place all you need to be whole and complete.

Decree & Declare:

I decree and declare that everything that has just been done in heaven is released and being established on earth.


I release all angelic assignments to enforce this verdict and bring it to completion. I seal this prayer and every good work with the precious Blood of Your Son Jesus.

–  I release angels to guard over me.

–  I commission angels to go before me and prepare a place for me to abide.

–  I release Messenger angels.

–  I commission angels that watch over my feet so that I will not stumble.

–  I release hospitality angels disguised as strangers.

–  I commission angelic principalities to bring the Word of God forward in our region.

– I release angels that measure my season and capacity to make note that I am ready for MY NEW.

– I commission warring angels to fight all opposition, break demonic warfare, and open the heavens of God over me.

– I release miracle angels to trouble the waters over my life.

–  I commission financial angels to release economy in my life.

–  I break all opposition, hindrances and principalities that are holding up my angels from fulfilling their mandate in my life.

– I commission angels that are called to Unlock, Clear Paths, and Lead me to Doors of Divine Opportunity, and Relationships.

In Jesus’ Name.


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