Immanuel Closing Prayer

by Dr Karl Lebman Revised August 2011


Thank you Lord for Your presence and protection during the session and for the progress and healing that has come.

Lord Jesus, we claim this territory that __________ has brought under Your authority and protection today, and we ask You to please designate all demonic spirits that You want to remove at this time. In the name of the True Lord Jesus Christ, we command that all demonic spirits that the true Lord Jesus Christ has designated must now go immediately and directly to His feet. You will go bound. You will not touch or harm anyone or anything on the way. He will deal with you as He sees fit. You will never come back. You will never send anything in your place.

We claim the truth in faith: Jesus Christ, on the cross; took on Himself every curse that could ever come against__________ . In the name of Jesus, we now command that every curse associated in any way with these issues that have just been resolved must now be broken, destroyed, and rendered powerless, null, and void.

Lord Jesus, we ask You to cleanse with Your light and Your love every place that has been left empty by  the enemy. We ask You now to fill these places with your Holy Spirit and with Your living presence, so that ____________may experience Your living presence abiding in (his/her) mind and heart, and walking beside (him/her) each day.

We command all demonic spirits that have been allowed to linger for any reason–you must now be completely bound in and under the name and authority of the True Lord Jesus Christ. You will not touch or speak to _____________________ in any way except as the True Lord Jesus Christ specifically allows to provide information He wants us to have to facilitate His healing work.

Lord Jesus, we ask You to send your angels to surround, protect, and encourage ___________.  We also ask that You come with any additional blessings You want to deliver anything else you have prepared for ___________today. We gladly deliver, with our prayers, all of the blessings you have prepared for ___________ today. In Jesus name we pray Amen.


We pray to the Lord. We do not pray to demonic spirits-we stand in the authority of Christ and tell demonic spirits what to do.

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