Immanuel Opening Prayer

by Dr Karl Lebman Revised August 2011


Prayer for the PRAYER MINISTIERS ONLY (always pray) :

Lord, We humbly acknowledge that sin, wounds, and lies distort our understanding and hinder our ability to follow You.  I ask for special grace during this time: please carry all of _______ (Ministers) unresolved issues so that they do not get in the way.


General Prayer (Tier 1-2):

Lord Jesus, we stand together, and affirm the truth in faith, that You are here with us and that You love us – that even as we speak, You are preparing the way in the spiritual realm for _____’s forgiveness, deliverance, healing and freedom.  We thank you for, and release with our prayers, the victory You have already accomplished through Your death and resurrection, and the healing you have already provided through Your wounds.

Lord, You know _____.  Call (his/her) whole mind and heart (call every part of him/her) forward.  Help (him/her), every part of (him/her) to hear Your voice, and to know the truth about Your heart and character – about Your gentleness and Your carefulness so that (his/her) whole mind and heart, every part of (him/her) can cooperate with Your healing work.  Guide every thought, image, memory, emotion, and physical sensation coming into _____’s awareness, and I ask the same guidance for us.


Dealing with the Demonic (Tier 3 or Group Setting):

Lord, as You and _______ are establishing an interactive connection, I also ask that You appoint representatives for all evil spiritual forces that are present.

We command all evil spiritual forces to be bound to the representatives that the Lord Jesus has appointed. You will only manifest and communicate with each other as Jesus allows and requires, you may not assist each other in any way, and you must be-cut off from all outside spiritual forces.  You must now return to Jesus and to _______ everything you have stolen from (him/her). You must be stripped away from, and release, every part of _____’s mind. You must be stripped of all your schemes, plans, agendas, and orders, and lay these at the feet of the Lord Jesus now.

Lord Jesus, we submit to You the issue of compliance. We ask that You would deal with all evil spiritual forces that fail to comply.

In the name of Jesus, we command all evil spiritual forces: at the moment you fail to comply, you will immediately go to the True Lord Jesus and deal with Him directly.

All prayers in with: IN JESUS NAME WE PRAY AMEN

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