Spiritual Warfare Prayer

Heavenly Father, I love You, I praise You, and I worship You. I thank You for sending Your Son Jesus, who won victory over sin and death, for my salvation. I thank You for sending Your Holy Spirit, who empowers me, guides me, and leads me into fullness of life. I thank You, Father, for Your Son who intercedes with the cloud of witnesses for me and Your Will in my life.

Lord Jesus Christ, I place myself at the foot of Your Cross and ask You to cover me with Your Precious Blood which pours forth from Your most Sacred Heart and Your most Holy Wounds. Cleanse me, my Jesus, in the Living Water that flows from Your Heart. I ask You to surround me, Lord Jesus, with Your Holy Light.

Heavenly Father, let the healing waters now flow back through my generations to purify my family line of anything unholy and not of God. I come before You, Father, and ask forgiveness for myself, my relatives, and my ancestors, for calling upon anything that is not of You or that does not offer true honor to Jesus Christ. In Jesus’ Holy Name, I now reclaim any territory that was handed over to the enemy and place it under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

By the power of Your Holy Spirit, reveal to me, Father, any people I need to forgive and any areas of unconfessed sin. Reveal aspects of my life that are not pleasing to You, Father, or any ways that I have given or could give the enemy a foothold in my life.

(Pause and wait for names of those to forgive to come to your remembrance, or areas of your life that are not pleasing to Him.)

Father, I forgive ____________ and wash them in the blood of Jesus. I give to You any unforgiveness. Everyone in my life is forgiven and set free in Jesus Name.

I give to You my sins. I repent and turn from any sins of _____________________.

I give to You all ways that enemy has had a hold of my life.

Thank You, Father, for these revelations. Thank You for Your forgiveness and Your love.

Lord Jesus, in Your Holy Name, I bind all evil spirits in me or over me that have just lost their legal ground in my life. I claim the Precious Blood of Jesus over the air, atmosphere, water, ground and all matter that has now been left empty by the enemy.

Heavenly Father, allow Your Son Jesus to come now with the Holy Spirit and Your angels to protect me from all harm and to keep all evil spirits from affecting me in any way.

In the Holy Name of Jesus, I seal myself, my generational line, and everything in my life in the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ.

In the Holy Name of Jesus, I break and dissolve anything unholy and not of God, known or unknown from my entire life. Every snare, lie, deception, curse, dysfunction and disease must go now to the feet of Jesus and surrender itself to the True Lord Jesus.

Holy Spirit, please reveal to me through Words of Knowledge any evil spirits that have attached themselves to me in any way.

(Pause and wait for words to come to you such as: anger arrogance, bitterness, brutality, confusion, cruelty, deception, envy, fear, hatred, insecurity, jealousy, pride, resentment, or terror. Pray the following for each of the evil spirits revealed.)

In the Name of Jesus, I repent and come out of agreement with any spirits of _______________. I rebuke you and I command that you must be bound and go directly to Jesus, without manifestation and without harm to anyone, and He will tell you where to go.

I thank You, Heavenly Father, for Your Love. I thank You, Holy Spirit, for empowering me to be aggressive against the enemy and his plans. I thank You, Jesus, for setting me free. I thank You for interceding for me with angels and the cloud of witnesses. Lord Jesus, fill me with charity, compassion, faith, gentleness, hope, humility, joy,
kindness, light, love, mercy, modesty, patience, peace, purity, security, serenity, tranquility, trust, truth, understanding, and wisdom. Seal me and this prayer in Your Precious Son’s Blood and shelter me in the shadow of Your Wings Upon High. Help me to walk in Your Light and Truth, illuminated by the Holy Spirit so that together we may praise, honor, and glorify our Father in this time and in eternity. For You, Lord Jesus, are “the way the truth and the life” and You have come that we might have life and have it more abundantly. God is indeed my Savior. I am confident and unafraid. My strength and courage is in the Lord. He has been my savior. (Isaiah 12:2)

Amen. Hallelujah. Amen.

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