Weekly Schedule


Faith Feeding (Coming Soon)

A community outreach where we provide physical and spiritual food for the homeless and those with various food insecurities. 

Elijah House (6pm – 8:30pm)

The Elijah House School of Ministry is one of the top inner healing training ministries in the nation. Elijah House is an inner healing ministry that equips and empowers individual hearts to be healed and changed. Truly, fully, and completely. We facilitate inner healing via prophetic prayer ministry and pastoral counseling to people all over the world.


Online Healing Room (6pm – 8pm)

Our healing rooms are open to the public virtually for anyone who needs prayer and support. Our prayer ministers are here to pray in agreement with you.  


Bible Foundation Class (starting May 2022)


Pastoral Care (appointments available between 10am-7pm)

We love and honor the role of our community’s pastors. Because of their high calling, many pastors face intense opposition. We provide pastoral care and prayer so they can shepherd their flocks effectively. 


Pastoral Care (appointments available between 10am-7pm)


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